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Welcome to our second newsletter!  We hope you enjoy reading about what we have been doing and what we have planned for the rest of the year!  Do look at our website to find out more:

Falling in Love with Frida

Prior to Caroline Bowditch’s previews of Falling in Love with Frida, we were fortunate enough to conduct observations with Caroline, Welly O’Brien and Nicole Guarino at The Arches, Glasgow. During these observations we examined how Caroline worked with the dancers also involved in Frida and how this could affect the ownership around the piece. The findings from these observations will inform further research and will also be analysed to establish themes regarding how working in a group versues working alone could affect how the law surrounding ownership could be interpreted.

Our research assistant Hannah attended the preview of Frida at the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow. The performance of Frida was a sell out and was extremely well received. Caroline has absorbed Frida’s personality and gives an interesting, humorous and moving account of her own life intertwined with that of Frida.

Caroline made a few interesting comments during her performance which resonates nicely with our project. She said initially that “it’s not about disability, it’s about art”, and that “I want my legacy to be me”.

Caroline really has fallen in love with Frida during the course of the making and performing of this piece, and the love definitely spread to the audience!

Fallling in Love with Frida will be performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 12-17 August 2014 at Dancebase.

Publications and Conferences

InVisible Difference have several publications upcoming in the next few months:

Waelde, C., Whatley, S. and Pavis, M. “Let’s Dance! – But Who Owns it?” (2104) 36 European Intellectual Property Review 217

Waelde, C., Whatley, S. Harmon, S. and Brown, A. “Validation and Virtuosity: Perspectives on Difference and Authorship/Control in Dance” Dance Research Journal (forthcoming)

We also have chapters in two forthcoming books published soon:

Brown, A and Waelde, C. “Human Rights, Persons with Disabilities and Copyright” in Geiger, C. “Research Handbook on Human Rights and Intellectual Property” Edward Elgar (2014)

Brown, A. and Waelde, C. “Does Copyright deal with difference?” in Dinwoodie (ed) In Intellectual Property Law an Lex Specialis (Edward Elgar 2014).

We will be presenting at these upcoming conferences:

World Dance Alliance Global Summit 2014 in Angers, France on 6th-11th July 2014, see here:

International Federation of Theatre Research (IFTR) at University of Warwick on 28th July – 01st August 2014, see here:

Theatre and Performance Research Association (TAPRA) at Royal Holloway, University of London on 3rd – 5th September 2014, see here:

Forthcoming Events

Dance4 Changing Perceptions Symposium, 29th June 2014, 11am-12.30pm, The dining Room, Nottingham Council House.  Follow link here:

Watching Dance across Disability, with Matthew Reason, 10th July 2014, Yorkshire Dance, Leeds.  Follow link here:

Disability Studies Conference, Lancaster University, 9-11th September 2014. Follow link here:

Disability and the Dancing Body: A Symposium on Ownership, Identity and Difference in Dance

On 26th November 2014, we will be hosting a symposium at Siobhan Davies Stuidos in London to discuss our project, and open up a dialogue of the themes that the project has covered in its first year. The symposium will bring together artists, scholars, teachers and researchers for lively discussion. It will be free to attend, but we do require registration. More details can be found here: and registration can be completed here:

Updates from last time

We have been busy researching and planning for the next 18 months at the Invislbe Difference HQ.  The team are in the process of mapping the sector including artists and activists working in disability dance to funders and professional organisations.  We will be putting this on our website soon so please look out for it.

We are also putting together some policy briefings that will be sent to relevant bodies and political parties to influence policy at a senior level.  These will be available on our website when completed.

We successfully responded to the Culture, Media and Sport Committee’s enquiry in to the work of the Arts Council.  You can find our published response here:


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Happy Summer from the Invisible Difference team!