Survey on the context of change for European performance practice

As part of the European project RICHES (, led by Coventry University, we are conducting a survey to understand the changes brought bydigital technology to dance and performance practice in the European context. We want to map the methods and factors that have influenced or impacted on the changes in performance practice, and understand more about the transaction that takes place between those who make, produce, curate, perform and view/experience performance practices.

To this end, we are interested in hearing from practitioners, performers, producers, programmers, audiences and anyone working within the performance-based cultural industries and who is willing to reflect on how new technologies have impacted on their experience of performance practice. Your views are very important for us, and they will help us evaluate the current state of our performing artspractices within the broad domain of ‘intangible cultural heritage’.

The survey has 13 questions and can take between 7 and 20 minutes to complete, depending on the time you are eager to spend reflecting on your work and the performance landscape in answer to each question

Please access the survey here:

You can add your responses by Friday, 18 July 2014.

For who would like to know more about the results of our research and of this survey, contact details are provided within the survey.

 Thank you.


Amalia Sabiescu, Ph.D.

Senior Research Assistant – RICHES project

School of Art and Design

Coventry University

ICE Building, Parkside

Coventry CV1 5NE

United Kingdom