C-DaRE events Jan-July 2015

C-DaRE Events and Collaborations: January-July 2015

Publishing Choreographic Ideas: Discourse from Practice

14 January 2015, 6pm-7.30pm, DU.201 Duchesne Building, Digby Stuart Campus, University of Roehampton; Live streamed to Digital Art Studio, ICE building, Coventry University

Free event

This seminar with Scott deLahunta will circle around and through a growing collection of materials published in different formats including books, various book and DVD combinations, exhibitions and Internet websites. These publications have been authored or co-authored by and with leading choreographers in the dance field. Not developed as artworks, but with the aim of furthering understanding of choreographic ideas and processes and bringing these into newly productive relations with both general audiences and other specialist practices. The Motion Bank research project of The Forsythe Company was one of the latest to publish such material. Lots of observations to be made and questions to be asked. Scott deLahunta is a Senior Research Fellow at Coventry University and Deakin University; and Director of Motion Bank, The Forsythe Company

 Matthew Causey – Academic Visitor at C-DaRE

9-13 February 2015, ICE building

Free events

Matthew Causey, Director of the Arts Technology Research Lab and Associate Professor in Drama at Trinity College Dublin will be Academic Visitor at C-DaRE from 9-13 February. During this time, he will host a performance research seminar, present a lecture at the Digital Echoes symposium and be available to meet with researchers interested in the fields of digital culture and performance philosophy. He is author of Theatre and Performance in Digital Culture: from simulation to embeddedness (Routledge 2009) and Performance, Identity, and the Neo-Political Subject (Routledge 2013) co-edited with Fintan Walsh. He is co-editing a collection called Through the Virtual Toward the Real: the Performing Subject in the Space of Technology with Emma Meehan and Néill O’Dwyer (Palgrave, forthcoming 2015).


Digital Echoes Symposium 2015: Intangible and Performance-based Cultural Heritage

13 February 2015, ICE building

Free event, booking required

Digital Echoes 2015 will bring together artists, researchers and practitioners interested in exploring how digital environments intervene in the creation, documentation, circulation and reception of culture. The focus of this year’s event is on the potential and limits of digital technology for affording new ways to engage with traditional forms of cultural heritage as audience, user, artist, author, researcher and co-creator. Keynotes Charlotte Waelde, Chair in Intellectual Property Law, University of Exeter and Matthew Causey, Associate Professor in Drama and Director of the Arts Technology Research Laboratory, Trinity College Dublin

The event is free but you must register to secure your place. http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/digital-echoes-symposium-2015-intangible-and-performance-based-cultural-heritage-tickets-14664857985


‘Recovery: Jealousy and Transmission’

7 May

Free event

Guest Speaker Simon Ellis will host a seminar and discussion about a performance project called Recovery that Ellis directed but has never seen performed. He will discuss the effect of its transmission from ‘performance’ to ‘data’, and to adopt a sceptical attitude to the seductive power of the archive. Ellis is an independent choreographer, dancer and film-maker, and Reader in Dance at the University of Roehampton. His work is often about intimacy and/or power, and in particular he is interested in how collaborations make things difficult. www.skellis.net


Memory ^ sentiment ^ body ^ space ^object: Dialogues across and between dance and art

15 May 10-6, ICE building

£20/30, booking details TBC

This symposium will consider how performative and material practices have articulated the embodied nature of memory and sentiment in relation to objects and space. Where is the common ground between dance and visual art?  Does this common ground create a radical space for new thinking, making, performing and writing?  How can the different ideas and practices of dance and art add richness to an understanding of memory, sentiment, body, space and object?



Dance & Somatic Practices Conference 2015 at Coventry University, UK

9 –12 July 2015, ICE building and Ellen Terry building

Booking details TBC

The topic of the 2015 conference is ‘Ethics and Repair: Continuing Dialogues within Somatic Informed Practice and Philosophy’. It will consider the ways in which somatic informed dance offers answers to a number of questions:  How might the corporeal or material (Grosz, Bradotti, Bennett) enable change through what has been termed ‘small acts of repair’ (Hixson) or what might be understood as ‘cellular consciousness’ (Bainbridge Cohen)? Then what are the ethical dimensions of this way of being in the world? How do we articulate these understandings and what does the field not yet know? And how might the legacy of somatic informed dance practices shape future understandings of ethics and repair in the 21st Century?



Recommended Events:

Decoda Event – Pneûma: A collaboration by Miranda Tufnell, David Ward, Sylvia Hallett, 9th January 2015: http://www.decoda-uk.org/pneuma

Dalcroze Eurhythmics: Moving through the archive, 29 January 2015:


Coventry University Disruptive Humanities Seminar, 9 March 2015:


DanceHE Symposium, Resilience: Articulating Dance ‘Knowledges’ in the C21st, 9  April 2015: http://dancehe.org.uk/archives/1586

(Re)storing performance: The Feldenkrais Method and Creative Practice Symposium, 27 June 2015: http://c-dare.co.uk/events/the-feldenkrais-method-and-creative-practice/

2nd International Conference of Dalcroze Studies, “The movement connection”, 26 – 29 July 2015: https://www.mdw.ac.at/icds/

ICE building, Parkside, CV1 2NE

Ellen Terry building, Jordan Well, CV1 5RW




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