Karen Christopher & Lucy Cash at the Centre for Performance and Creative Exchange, 24 February, 6pm

The Centre for Performance Research and Creative Exchange at the University of Roehampton is pleased to host a conversation and showing of work-in-progress by Karen Christopher and Lucy Cash. This is the second in a two-part series of residencies at the University of Roehampton exploring the form of the duet.

Tuesday, 24 February
University of Roehampton
Jubilee Building, Studio 5

Karen Christopher is a collaborative performance deviser, performer, and teacher. Her company, Haranczak/Navarre Performance Projects<http://www.karenchristopher.co.uk/performance.1.html>, is currently engaged in creating a series of duet performances. She was a member of Chicago-based Goat Island<http://www.goatislandperformance.org/home.htm> performance group for 20 years until the group disbanded in 2009. She now lives in London, working to define a practice which continues in a collaborative and plural mode. As such, she has been working on a set of duet performances, a practice she is continuing with a series of residencies at University of Roehampton. This presentation will reflect on the first residency, a collaboration with artist Chris Goode.

Lucy Cash’s background in performance making and choreography informs her approach to the work she now makes in different media, and she continues to explore innovative forms of collaboration – working with people from a range of communities and fields of expertise. Between 2005 – 2009 she was an associate member of Goat Island performance, making four moving image works with the company as well as contributing to writing and live performance. Her moving image work has been shown on television, (Ch4, Filmfour, BBC4 and BBC2) and internationally in both galleries and at film festivals. In 2009 she was awarded a fellowship from South East Dance for her work creating choreographies for the screen. In 2010, alongside, Becky Edmunds, Chirstinn Whyte, Claudia Kappenberg and Gill Clarke she co-curated the What if… festival at Siobhan Davies Studios. In 2012 she co-curated What Matters and Small Matterswith Becky Edmunds as straybird (www.straybird.org<http://www.straybird.org/>). She has been an associate artist with Artsadmin since 2007. In 2010 – 2012 she was an associate artist with South East Dance.

Future events at the Centre for Performance Research and Creative Exchange

11 March, 6pm
Fiona Wilkie
Jubilee Building, Studio 5
University of Roehampton

To celebrate the publication of her Performance, Transport and Mobility (Palgrave, November 2014), we welcome Fiona Wilkie, senior lecturer in Drama, Theatre and Performance at the University of Roehampton.

Performance, Transport and Mobility is an investigation into how performance moves, how it engages with ideas about movement, and how it potentially shapes our experiences of movement. In a world of apparently global flows of people, goods and ideas, what other stories of travel are told through performance? Using a critical framework drawn from the ‘mobility turn’ in the social sciences, Fiona Wilkie analyses a wide range of works from scripted plays to site-specific performances, from large-scale festivals to low-key private journeys, and from walking art to Motown music. Along the way, she examines discussions and documents of travel by foot, train, car, boat and plane to create a rich sense of historical and cultural context. In arguing for the capacity of theatre and art to make passage, Wilkie charts a compelling conversation about performance on the move and illuminates a set of practices that explore and challenge what it means to be in transit.

24 March, 6pm
I’m With You
Jubilee Building, Studio 5
University of Roehampton

The collective I’m With You<http://www.imwithyou.me/> is composed of Johanna Linsley (University of Roehampton) and R. Justin Hunt (University of Lincoln), and photographer Christa Holka. In their practice, flexibility, collectivity and alternative understandings of the domestic negotiate with provisional, temporary and precarious conditions. The members’ background in photography, and performance practice and theory inform a focus on the relationship between the live and the documented, and their methods of working together balance the individually authored with the collectively produced.

They will be presenting on Gorge, which is a performance, meal, and conversation that brings people around a dinner table for a messy, politically charged encounter. They are developing this project as associates of the Delfina Foundation<http://delfinafoundation.com/in-residence/im-with-you> in London. The work has a focus on sex and sexuality, exploring how the excess and overeating implied by ‘gorging’ might usefully open up thinking around bodies and eroticism, and more particularly, private experience and public space.

16 May, all day
Traditional Asian Theatre in/and Modernity
University of Roehampton, location TBA

A full-day symposium looking at the place of traditional Asian performance techniques in modern and contemporary theatre and the place of traditional performance within modernity more broadly. Includes a mix of practical workshops and academic papers. Schedule and speaker details TBA.