PhD Bursaries University of Chichester

The University of Chichester has one Full Bursary and one fee-only bursary for PhD study for 3 years available in the area of Dance  
Choreographic communication and cognitive processes (Full Bursary – Dance only)
This project will investigate models of creative cognition and communication operating within choreographic processes and seeks to articulate how different modes of communication are employed within studio-based settings. Employing theoretical perspectives drawn from proxemics, sociology, communication theory and psychology, it aims to illuminate, expose and evaluate the varying interpersonal, trans-personal, inter-subjective and non-verbal modes of communication employed within choreographic processes. The research outcomes will produce knowledge relevant for both academic and arts professionals and for a wide range of research domains such as psychology, behavioral studies and sociology beyond the immediate spheres of theatre, dance and performance research.
It aims to:
a. Investigate practice-led methods that interrogate processes of creative cognition and communication operating within a range of choreographic processes.
b. Explore relationships between imagination, language and social dynamics within choreographic processes.
c. Test specific processes of proxemics and conceptual metaphor within the context of creative dance-making and assess their efficacy as choreographic ‘devices’.
The successful candidate will be supervised by Prof Jane Bacon and Dr Vicky Hunter.
Open proposals (Fees only Bursary – Dance and/ or Theatre)
Applications will be accepted for the Fees only bursary application will be accepted from candidates in the areas indicated below.
 • Movement and depth psychology
• Screendance
• Dance and New Media
• Choreography
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