NEW BOOK – Artistic Research Strategies for Embodiment

New book to explore. There are a few missed translations in the promotion text shown below but the value shines through.

Artistic Research – Strategies for Embodiment

Edited by Christine Fentz and Tom Mcguire

ISBN 978-87-87564-95-3

Paperback: kr. 299.95

Published 2015


Artistic research is still a relatively new field and therefore the publication of this anthology constitutes a demonstrated significantly torque. This volume presents an abundance of approaches to artistic research and vision of the breadth and variety of such research. It does so from the viewpoint of picture several disciplines, encompassing the performing arts, dance, voice work, fine art, drawing, film, video, architecture and philosophy.


The book presents some of the work att framkom Study Circle 7: Artistic Research – Strategies for Embodiment (2010-2012), under the auspices of the Nordic Summer University (NSU).

This volume presents a natural progression from the first Study Circle 7 (2007-2009) and the resultant anthology: At the Intersection Between Art and Research: Practice Based Research in the Performing Arts (2010).

It is often asserted that the body shapes all aspects of cognition. The species, more than any other field of human knowledge, question and challenge the idea of ​​a separation of body and mind. Embodiment är att thread runs through the contributions two this anthology. Two research one’s own artistic process while in the midst of it – as many contributors have done here – demands cognizance of the body; one’s own and at of others.

The work of the Study Circle was framed by an engagement with various aspects of the body’s role in artistic work and research. The contributions spegla spirit där deliberations of the Study Circle were conducted, one characterized by a generous exchange of ideas and a willingness-to- challenge definitions and transcend borders.


Table of Contents

Can I Argue with a Gesture? About the Virtues of Doing Research

Silent Walk: Unpredictable Encounters in Urban Space

Mapping the Terrain of Lived Space: On the Relationship Between Touch, Memory and the Moving Image

Reflections in a Window Pane

The Disquieting Image: Tracing the Visual Essay

Kutiyattam: An Encounter

Mind the Body: A Choreographed Performance Situation

Cutting Up Conference Papers: Audience Participation in Breaking as Making

Next – Previously – Meanwhile

The Viewer Performer Relationship: Partners in Crime?

Drawing Embodied Knowledge: A Dangerous Activity

What Might We Discover by Drawing the Spaces Between Us?

Sketching Thoughts: Hand, Eye and Mind in Artistic Architectural Research

Drawing: Embodied and Situtated Knowing

On the Uses of the Voice: Sharing Through Resonance and Other Metaphors

Embodiment Through Listening: Standing on Stage and Being Able to Speak

A Performer’s Time: An Approach to Collaborative Artistic Practice

A Walk Through Walking