Somatic Practice Short Course at the University of Bedfordshire

The course enables participants to practically explore a range of somatic techniques with leading practitioners and artist tutors. There is emphasis on the development of sensory perception and reflection in order to inform physical and/or psychological awareness. Tutors will encourage participants to explore the ways in which somatic practice may inform practices in dance including; technical training, performance, rehabilitation, injury prevention, and agendas concerning well-being, access and inclusion.

The course is offered over three weekends.  Participation in one or two weekends is possible.
Cost: £175 for all three weekends £60 for one weekend

Weekend 1: 21-22 November 2015, Sensation, Experiential Learning and Creativity
This weekend investigates somatic practices as research. The weekend will explore dynamics of touch, sensation and movement in expressive contexts, and will investigate links between somatics, documentation and self-learning that can be applied to a range of contexts including research, practice as research, teaching, performance, choreography and applied practice. The weekend will offer tools for developing a coherent self-practice in somatic enquiry.

Sessions include:
Dynamics of touch and meaning in movement

Sensing, self-development and self-esteem

Trusting the body: leading and following in improvisation

Mindfulness practices and creative process

Documenting, reflecting and engaging in independent practice: textual, visual and movement compositions

The weekend will be led by UoB faculty:
Imogen Aujla, PhD, MSc – dance science perspectives, dance psychology
Tamara Ashley, PhD, MFA, RYT – mindfulness, yoga and improvisation/creative process
Louise Douse, PhD, RMT – touch, massage and meaning in movement
Amalia Garcia, MA – trust and sensation in mindfulness and improvisation practices

This weekend forms part of the Somatic Practice short course, which offers three weekends that explore somatic practices in dance, movement and creative practice. The course is open to dance, movement and health professionals, community practitioners, and advanced students. The course is an optional unit in the Master’s dance programmes at the University of Bedfordshire.

Cost: £175 for all three weekends £60 for one weekend

For booking and further information, please email:

Weekend 2: 5-6 December 2015
5 December: Re-wilding the Heart: Somatic Conversations with the Sacred Self with Beverley Nolan
6 December: Somatic Performance Making with Sally E Dean

Weekend 3: 23-24 January 2016
Return to the Body with Janis Claxton