Moving Images – Static Spaces? …The blurring of Architectures, Film, Animation, Digital Art, Coding and Design.

Below is information about a conference and publication series that could be of interest. It brings together two research programmes in the fields of art, design, media and the built environment.

For those not wishing to travel to Istanbul, the conference welcomes pre-recorded video and skype presentations.

Moving Images – Static Spaces? ……….. The blurring of Architectures, Film, Animation, Digital Art, Coding and Design.

Place: Istanbul, Turkey
Dates: 12-13 April 2018

Abstract submissions: 15th December 2017

1. Book Series – The Mediated City
2. Book Series – Vernon Press.
2. Proceedings  – Conference Series Publication, ISSN 2398-9467
3. Architecture_MPS – Journal Special Issue, ISSN 2050-9006

This event focuses on the work of new media artists, filmmakers, video artists and documentary film in relation to the city and, in particular, the work of architects and urban designers.  If your work does not align with this conference PARADE invites you to propose events and publications in your field. See:

Amps is a UK based non-profit that coordinates a consortium bringing together publishers, universities and academics internationally from art, design and media backgrounds who share an interest in how their practices interact with and influence the built environment.
This event is hosted by Altinbaş Vakfi / Istanbul Kemerburgaz University. Publications are by  Intellect Books and UCL Press. It is coordinated by AMPS.