Mountainsides talks – Performing Landscapes: Mountains project

You are warmly invited to the last part of our Mountainsides talks curated as part of the Performing Landscapes: Mountains project.

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What is Mountainsides?

 Mountainsides is a series of public conversations between prominent mountaineers, climbers and hikers and academics of theatre, performance and cultural studies.  Each event will be introduced by a concise ‘micro-lecture’ on the theme, followed by contributions from each speaker. The majority of the time will be given over to animated conversation, robust debate and productive interjections from the floor.

What shared languages are there between climbing and performing and what gets in the way of a good conversation? How are terms such as, risk, composition, light, narrative, movement and training understood in the two domains? How far is it true to say that climbing is a form of performance and can learn from the languages of theatre and performance studies? And what are the key ideas in hiking and climbing that resonate with the live art of performance?


6th June 2017

Since the use of beacons on hilltops to fast track the news of the Trojan war, the manipulation of light has been an essential element of mountain environments.  But how has this relationship been exploited in recent years? What explains the fascination with night walking where beacons become night torches? And how has the technology of theatre crept into mountainsides to enhance their topography and to engage new audiences?

Focusing on light as a little understood phenomenon in both theatre and on mountains, Creative Director of performance company, NVA, Angus Farquhar and climber and writer of Moonwalker, Alan Rowandiscuss the practicalities and potentialities of mountain light.


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The series is curated by David Shearing and Jonathan Pitches with the help and support of the project’s advisory board and its formal partner, Kendal Mountain Festival.

Looking forward to welcoming you to the School of PCI at Leeds.

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Professor Jonathan Pitches

Chair in Theatre and Performance

AHRC Leadership Fellow

School of Performance and Cultural Industries, University of Leeds, Leeds, LS2 9JT, UK