Noh Training Project UK

There are a few places remaining on the seventh annual Noh Training Project UK. The full three-week project has limited availability, but there are more places available on the one-week and taster weekend Projects for those interested.
Weekend Taster
Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th August
A two-day taster workshop for beginners who are interested in experiencing the fundamental principles of the form.
One-week Intensive
Saturday 19th-Friday 25th August
This one-week intensive enables participants to gain a better grasp of the fundamental principles of the form, and to begin to develop their performance skills towards a short dance piece.
Noh Training Project UK  *limited availability*
The full project lasts three weeks. Participants will learn a number of dances, and receive special instruction from the Noh master Akira Matsui (designated Intangible Cultural Asset by the Japanese government in 1998) in the final week.
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