Walk of Life Non-stylised and Environmental Movement Workshops with Helen Poynor

2014 Brochure now available.

New Training Programme starting October 2014

www.walkoflife.co.uk  Tel: 01297 20624


Other Workshops include

All Weather Women

March 1st – 3rd

Awakening with the new moon to the energy of spring. Emerging from winter uncoiling your body,

stretching your limbs, filling your lungs and opening your heart. Rejoicing in the March weather, the invigorating sea air and the changing landscapes revealed by exceptionally low tides beneath the magnificent chalk cliffs at Beer Head.

Price: £130 (£105 concession)  Location: Beer, E. Devon.


Women in the Land

April 25th – 27th

Three days in conversation with the earth as springsbursts forth in the woods, on the under-cliff and the hilltops overlooking the sea. Cradled by the earth, nourished by its abundance and by the wisdom of the trees. Listening to your body, listening to  yourself,  listening  to  the  land – remembering who you are.

Price: £130 (£105 concession)  Location: Charmouth near Lyme Regis.

These two 3 day workshops can be attended separately or as a pair. Discount of £10 if booking for both.


Summer Songs June 14th – 15th

including Sumarah meditation

Moving on the shoreline between clay cliffs and the sea, as rock ledges and pools are revealed and reclaimed by the shifting tides. Receiving ourselves and the environment, finding our way in a landscape of constant change.

Each day includes indoor and outdoor movement sessions with Helen and Sumarah meditation with Beate Stühm, experiencing how Sumarah relates to and supports this approach to movement practice. Sumarah is a Javanese form of meditation. It means to surrender and is a practice

of receiving, accepting and becoming more aware. This leads to a deep relaxation of the body, mind and emotions. The meditation sessions are a time of sitting together and receiving guidance, daily meditation is continued in every day life. No experience is necessary.

Price: £98 (£85 concession)  Location: Charmouth, near Lyme Regis.


Walk of Life Summer School

July 12 th – 15 th

An opportunity to immerse yourself in 4 days of movement practice, experiencing a

variety of landscapes on the shoreline and the hills above the sea. Each site offers a different experience of the relationship between your moving body and the environment. Rock and water, earth and sky evoke different movement qualities and invite a different sense of your moving being. Embodying yourself, inhabiting the site, moving between microcosm and macrocosm, finding your place in the world.

Suitable as an intensive introduction, as preparation for the training programme or a chance to deepen and refresh your practice.

Price: £165 (£145 concession)  Location: Charmouth, near Lyme Regis.

To register for a workshop send £40 deposit to Helen Poynor, 3 Marmora Terrace,

Clapps Lane, Beer, Devon EX12 3HE.  More details: www.walkoflife.co.uk Tel:01297 20624