‘Artist as Nomad’ – a unique opportunity to engage with Creativeworks London ‘Entrepreneur in Residence’ at University of Roehampton, 31st March – 4th April 2014 11am-5pm

Christopher Matthews – an American choreographer and artist based in London with a background as a dancer, performance artist, photographer, video artist, teacher and choreographer for commercial television – will be exploring a new vision for graduates to perceive the possibilities of Dance differently. Examining the notion of ‘nomadism’, this residency will generate online toolkits, supporting a new generation of dance artists to initiate, seed and grow new frameworks of creative and social entrepreneurship.

The question that seeds this residency is: how can mobility support cultural citizenship, connect to community and increase productivity in the creative economy?

During this residency you will look at notions of dance, travel, work, home, movement, stillness, community, inter-dependence. You will develop a tool-kit for working as a dance artist in the 21st C, using body, digital resources, writing, books and cameras.
For students, graduates and independent artists with an open-mind and curiosity to extend their ideas of what dance making can be.

Day 1: Artist as Freelancer / Nomad
Day 2: Writing
Day 3: Camera
Day 4: Visual Art
Day 5: Politics

Limited places are available on this residency.
Full week: £25 full / £15 concession / £ 10 Roehampton student
Drop in day rate: £7 per day / £5 student

To confirm your place, book: http://goo.gl/7qecH9

If you have any questions contact Christopher Matthews: formedview@gmail.com

A Creativeworks London & Roehampton Dance Network event