Rosanna Irvine, Dance Artist and PhD candidate is seeking financial support for her collaboratively produced book publication.

We are very happy to announce this upcoming publication. You can subscribe now for a copy and for some limited edition prints. See sponsume link below.

what remains and is to come

Katrina Brown & Rosanna Irvine

an artist book project extending from the performance event

The performance invites audiences into the upcloseness of shifting relations between two performers, paper and charcoal. The book offers a different view towards the intimate and dynamic qualities of the live event. Photographic close-ups give a visceral sense of the performance materials. The texts think and offer context through and alongside.

Texts: Ramsay Burt, Ivana Ivkovic, Mark Leahy

Photography: Kate Mount

Design: Kevin Mount

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Publication date May 2014

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And a reminder of our two upcoming performances:

The Nightingale Theatre

 29-30 Surey St


Wed 19th March 8pm + Q&A


22 George Place



Sat 29th March 3pm + Q&A


what remains and is to come

by Katrina Brown & Rosanna Irvine

an immersive performance installation

Intimate and quietly compelling, what remains and is to come invites  audiences into the upcloseness of shifting relations between two performers, paper and charcoal.

Inspired by the question of how to treat materials as equals and not as tools for our desires, the performers’ bodies exist as both human and material presences.

Time slows down as the audience moves freely through the space, catching intimate glimpses of increasing relations between materials. The audience becomes witness to a visceral accumulation of haunting images evoking the enduringness of human work, of living, and of dying

inventive and intimate … I was left immensely moved,

 touched on both a personal and universal level


intrinsic, silent, forceful


the images are somehow as non-representational as

 they are capture of  a process. … a magical accomplishment


                                                                             audience responses