Be a partner of ——— Man Must Dance

Indigenous people and other people dancing together on the Internet

Kompani Nomad is a renowned Sami dance company from Gothenburg, Sweden. (The Sami people are the Indigenous people of the Arctic regions of iNorway, Sweden, Finland and adjacent Russia).

Our upcoming multidance project is called Man Must Dance and is based on contemporary Sami dance and ancient shamanistic rituals, in combination with innovative IT-techniques.

The main purpose of this project is to build bridges between different cultures and countries worldwide. Man Must Dance wants to unite Indigenous peoples from all over the world with other dancers and enable them to dance together in real time – without boundaries – broadcast live on the Internet. Our mission is to create an innovative dance event of the very best artistic quality.

A preliminary study in 2013

Kompani Nomad visited Canada in August 2012 and met director/choreographer Sharon B Stone in Toronto. In Fall 2013,  we created a small-scale pilot project, a work in progress, as a first step of creating a dance-event on the Internet. In this first attempt we just want to test the choreographic ideas and the techniques.

UMEÅ the capital of culture in Europe 2014

This project is part of the program for Umeå, Sweden, the cultual capital of Europe for 2014.  It is funded by grants from the Swedish Sami Council and Umeå 2014,  among others. The preliminary date for the premère is October 10 in Sápmi, Vilhelmina, approximately 40 miles from Umeå.

Our concept

On stage we will have 3-5 dancers and some musicians. By link , our dancers will participate in real time or by reproduced video films.  Our partners’ broadcasted videofilms will be mixed and displayed on a big screen on stage, and together with our own film sequences and artists on stage, we will all create the work as an integrated whole.

All our dancers will work with the same choreography, a signature dance made by Sami choreographer Ola Stinnerbom.  Our partners will interpret the signature dance in their own way with their own dance techniques and skills.


We have interested partners/dancers in Sweden, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Finland, Canada and the United States. Our partners include dancers who are professionals while others are preprofessionals or amateurs.  The amateurs are mainly Indigenous young dancers from Sami schools in Sweden, Norway and Canada.


This project requires dancers and a simple video camcorder or an ordinary webcam, for videostreaming by Bambuser on the Internet. It does not require broadcast quality or need a professional team. We will support you with the service from Bambuser ( and we will also give you technical support if needed.


In this project we focus on:

*   interpretation of a signature dance by Ola Stinnerbom

*   collaboration through internet/broadcasting on Bambuser

*   individual rehearsals by the the dancers

*   supporting you by technical solutions on the Internet

*   participation of dancers on link (or preproduces video) in our show

Duration and timetable

We are planning for at least 10 occasions/meetings on the internet – but the exact timetable and duration is something that we will all decide jointly due to the actual situation and possibilites for each group of dancers.

We have created a preliminary timetable with 10 one-hour sessions, the details we set together with our partners – duration for the dance-act is probably 1 – 1,5 minutes, so this is a minor peace of a danc act – but since we put together all pieces the total duration will be about 30-40 minutes.

We are planning for at least 3 performances (in Vilhelmina, Umeå and f ex. Oslo) but we are open for going on tour if it’s possible to realize.

Be a partner of our transnational multidance project

This is not a technical project.  It is an artistic exploration.  We want to go deeper into how to collaborate in an art project with a focus on breaking cultural and geographic bounderies. Our method is the combination of  a signature dance created by a Sami choreographer in his very special style and collaboration with partners on the internet.

Please let us know if this would be of any interest for you and if there is a possibility that you could collaborate with us in this innovative dance project.