New Performance-Parkour Network website

Participants at the 2013 Symposium ART OF DISPLACEMENT agreed to formally create an international network for the purposes of sharing information, opportunities and developments in performance-parkour.

In the UK the network is supported by the Arts Council of England, Pavilion Dance South West and South East Dance.

We’re happy to announce that is now live.

We’re also inviting any interested dancers, choreographers, teachers, students, theatre makers, performers, traceurs, freerunners, architects, designers, filmmakers, photographers, venues and organisations to join us.

Please be clear that membership of the 2PK Network comes with no strings attached, and all members are invited to use the official 2PK logo on their own publicity materials and websites.

We only ask that 2PK leaders subscribe to a code-of-conduct (which is modelled on that used by the Foundation for Community Dance) aimed at maintaining professional standards for teachers and best practice for students. We’re sure that for most of you this will simply duplicate your own day to day practice.

An excerpt of the Code is on the website, and a full version is available on request.