DanceHE Early Careers Networking Events at C-DaRE Performing Processes Symposium

The group has been established to provide opportunities for emerging academics in the field of dance to network, share information and potentially initiate projects of shared interest. Supported by the DanceHE Board and coordinated by Conveners, Rachel Farrer and Kelly Preece, the aim is to support early academics in developing the skills and experiences necessary to further their careers in the Higher Education sector.

As part of the Performing Processes Symposium to be held at Coventry University we will be holding several events:

  • 6th June -Post symposium networking dinner. This is an opportunity to spend time with early career and more experienced academics presenting at the conference
  • 7th June 10am – Funding talk with Lynsey McCulloch and Emma Meehan. Emma will introduce where to find information about funding and some small grants available to emerging researchers.Lynsey will offer information on the context of research funding, the process involved and ways in which early career researchers can maximise their chances of securing grants.
  • 7th June 11am – Early Careers working group meeting. This will be the second group meeting and an opportunity to discuss future plans.

Any dance academics who are within 3-5 years of a new appointment or PhD are welcome to attend any of the events. If you would like to join the network, members are expected to be associated to an institution with DanceHe membership in order to access the opportunities provided. Further details about becoming a member will be shared during the meeting, and can also be found online at:

New membership routes have been introduced for individuals, we would be happy to discuss this further if anyone should find themselves working at an institution that does not hold current membership.

If you are interested in attending any of the Early Career events please contact Rachel