Rosemary Lee’s residency seminar: “She touches my hand to know me”

“She touches my hand to know me”
Rosemary Lee presents her current explorations & ponderings

Thursday 12 November, 7pm FREE
Michaelis Dance Theatre, University of Roehampton SW15 5PJ

Rosemary Lee received a Bonnie Bird New Choreography Award in 2013. Since then she has taken time to ponder one poem alone: ‘Touch’ by Michael Donaghy, out of which comes the title of this presentation. The further she delves into the various strands of enquiry that the poem opens to her, the more a web of interests expands and tangles and sends her to a new book, thought, confusion or person to talk to.

Through words and even perhaps movement, she will reveal her continuing exploration of this poem and how it has affected her. Touch, knowledge, intimacy, motherhood, evolution, time, communication, the origins of words and language, the hand and its extraordinary capacity to discover and to express… this one simple poem opens the door to the rich and complex business of being alive and human.

This event is supported by the Bonnie Bird Choreography Fund, 2013 BBCF Biennial New Award.