Reminder: Roehampton research seminar, 17 Feb: Judith Lynne Hanna ‘The Performing Brain’

The Centre for Dance Research, University of Roehampton, presents:

The Performing Brain: Dance, Cognition, Emotion, and Movement

Dr Judith Lynne Hanna, Affiliate Research Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of Maryland

17 February 2016, 1-2pm, LU.052 Lulham, Froebel Campus, University of Roehampton SW15 5PJ

Free, all welcome, no need to book

Be surprised about what is hidden from our sight. Technological advances in neuroscience are helping to unravel secrets about the cognitive, emotional, and movement power of dance. Its multisensory language shares places in the brain for verbal language, and thus dance has powerful communication potential in expressing ideas and feelings. Equally important, do you need smarts? Dance as physical exercise sparks new brain cells, their interconnections and neural plasticity – the brain’s amazing ability to change throughout life. Moreover, dance helps us to reduce, resist, and escape stress that interferes with performance and the acquisition of all kinds of knowledge. The mysterious brain choreographs the operations underlying the complex feat of dance.

An anthropologist/dance scholar at the University of Maryland, US, Dr. Judith Lynne Hanna has explored the relationship between dance and society in African villages and cities and American theaters, school playgrounds and classrooms as well as adult entertainment clubs and their communities. Dance and the brain is a current interest. See