Popular Music, Dance, and Cultural Memory: An Inter/Cross/Trans-Disciplinary Dialogue

You are warmly invited to the second of a series of free lunchtime seminars at University of Chichester jointly presented by the Research Dialogues series and the Dancing with Memory project. We are excited to welcome three Canadian scholars to engage in a dialogue around popular music, dance and cultural memory. Please feel free to circulate this information to your students and colleagues.

Thursday 14th April, 12-1.15pm

C120, Bishop Otter Campus, University of Chichester



Dr Jeff Packman, University of Toronto

Dr Danielle Robinson, York University, Toronto

Dr Farzaneh Hemmasi, University of Toronto


Chair: Dr Clare Parfitt-Brown, University of Chichester

This panel brings together three popular music and dance researchers, working in the Iranian diaspora, Brazil, and the United States, who are interested in how embodied cultural memory can be integral to how communities articulate and assert their sense of belonging within a mediated world. Ethnomusicologist Jeff Packman will discuss contemporary performances and “revivals” of old(er) carnival dance music in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil that inform not only a particular type of memory of the past, but also a tactical relationship with carnival practices of the present. Dance scholar Danielle Robinson will offer a re-historicization of early twentieth century social dancing from the perspective of the Black Atlantic. Finally, Ethnomusicologist Farzaneh Hemmasi will link emotion, dance, music, and the body in contemporary Iranian diasporic life and inquire into the interrelationships between mass media, collective memory, and affective attachments.



Research Dialogues is a seminar series hosted by the Dance and Theatre Departments at the University of Chichester.

Dancing with Memory is a two-year AHRC-funded project exploring the relationship between popular dance and cultural memory through the case study of the cancan. The project is led by Dr Clare Parfitt-Brown at the University of Chichester.




C120 is at the red lift symbol near 01 on this map, accessed via the corridor marked 02: http://d3mcbia3evjswv.cloudfront.net/files/BOC%20CAMPUS%20MAP%20SEPT%2014%20WEB_0_0.pdf