CFP: TaPRA Asian Performance and Diaspora Working Group

TAPRA – Asian Performance and Diaspora Group
University of Bristol, 5th – 7th September 2016


The aim of this working group is to research, promote and disseminate contemporary Asian performance and diaspora studies to highlight the historical and contemporary scholarship in the area. We also aim to encourage critical debates on the contemporary artistic practices of Asia and a thorough re-evaluation of the current understanding of its conceptual and practical paradigms of the Asian performance scene and its diaspora in Britain.

In short the aims of the group are:

  • To offer a dedicated platform for presenting Asian performance and diaspora research
  • To reflect, critique and debate Asian performance activities in Britain
  • To foster better dialogue between the academic work and performance practice in the field.


We welcome proposals from academics, practitioners, postgraduate and research students that speak to the following themes relating to Asian Performance and Diaspora such as:


  • The mapping of performance praxis
  • Historiography
  • Towards a contemporary Asian performance theory
  • Intra / intercultural performance
  • Adaptation
  • Gender and sexuality
  • Digital media and contemporary theatre


The format for your engagement could be by means of conventional paper presentation, lecture demonstration, practice as research or workshop. The convenors will particularly welcome closer interactions between practitioners and academics with a deliberate intention to foster better correspondence between the both. 


The deadline for submission of proposals is 18 April. Please send 150 word proposal for your paper to the convenors at:


Many thanks:

Convenors: Asian performance and Diaspora Group

Arya Madhavan,

Dominic Hingorani,

Sreenath Nair,